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2009-07-23 17:50:11 by ImativeClock

What the hell, my music isn't supposed to entertain you.

Just to let you know...

2009-07-21 23:18:27 by ImativeClock

I love to piss you off. If you're here to insult me, please do it as explicitly as possible. I feed off it.

Just to let you know...

Look @ these picture!!!!

2009-07-21 22:02:03 by ImativeClock

omg must amazig pic eber

Look @ these picture!!!!

wrong, its 72

Por2al genius

2009-07-19 08:37:24 by ImativeClock

if u hav not see my submission 2o audio u is a major nub to noogronz. furtermore i am making flash video nows. prepare uself for por2al genius.